Universal Programming, Inc.

Consultants and Contractors in Process Information Systems
Solutions for bridging legacy systems to Windows� based applications and servers


Universal Programming, Inc. (UPI) is a privately held corporation, formed in 1978, specializing in the development and support of applications software relating to industrial process information management.

Our mission is to support our customers in their efforts to move toward the best in class software systems for process information management and controls, with products and services designed to support your required connectivity and bridging. We take pride in our commitment to serving this segment of computing, where software tools for productivity reach end users that directly affect quality and production.

UPI provides a variety of software products, consulting, and development services, primarily on process  information systems including VAX, Alpha, Modcomp Classic, UNIX based platforms including Sun, DEC, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Intel based systems. These services include custom applications design, implementation, software drivers, symbionts, system integration, network applications, analysis, programming, conversions, upgrades, and training.

Recent areas of product development and applications experience involve the migration of legacy Modcomp process information systems to DEC OpenVMS, Windows�, and Unix based PIMS systems, with associated database replication and conversions to Oracle� and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

Other areas of recent experience include bridging Modcomp Classic Series computers to Intellution FIX, Wonderware InTouch, HP/UX RTAP, AIM, Aspentech IP.21, OSI Software PI, Honeywell TDC 3000 Computer Gateway, Fisher PROVOX, Foxboro I/A, Prognost, PLC networks, IBM AS/400, and to other Modcomp's with related TSX / CNI / INFINITY network applications development.