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MCNET / Drivers � Real time database Interface to Legacy Modcomp systems

Bridging your existing Modcomp SCADA system to a process information management system can be a cost effective and low risk method of updating or migrating to open systems capabilities. And this can easily be achieved without disrupting plant operations.

MCNET / Drivers software forms a bi-directional flow of live process information between your legacy Modcomp Classic series computers and a variety of today�s open systems PIMS systems.

The convenience of TCP/IP networking as the bridging method enhances your ability to integrate existing Modcomp process information with leading edge process information and management systems. Once connected, your existing Modcomp data immediately becomes available to an extensive array of visualization and management tools provided by the PIMS system of your choice.

Data flow is controlled using a client side driver, and exchanged with the PIMS database using either its database API or OPC data access 1.0 or 2.0.

Each driver is pre-configured with a list of exchange points, including host name, tag names, and update periods. This configuration information may be placed in either a database or text file. Typically these refresh rates vary from one to sixty seconds. Values and quality are evaluated, and translated if necessary to maintain data integrity in both directions. Once in operation, blocks of process information are periodically exchanged on a variable refresh rate. OPC clients then reference this configuration when the OPC client connects to our MCNET OPC server. 

The underlying network connection and data transfers are supported by our MCNET API communications services. On systems where exception reporting is supported, the driver can optionally make use of this feature to reduce overhead.

Field Proven Tools for Migration

MCNET/Drivers utilize our standard MCNET API functions to communicate with a real time database server in the Modcomp. These functions perform task to task communications with the server using TCP/IP by way of IPC socketed logical devices, providing an extremely reliable, efficient, and flexible method of exchanging information between the networked systems.

MCNET software API and server toolkit provide client applications in Windows�, OpenVMS�, or UNIX environment high volume TCP/IP access to Modcomp Max IV or Max 32 based global commons, RAD files, disk partitions, and other applications data. These Modcomp systems should be equipped with Logical Data Corporation�s IPC Model 3210 TCP/IP support.

For many industrial customers, this unique combination of hardware and software products provides the most reliable and cost effective way to bridge their Modcomp Max IV or Max 32 systems information to open systems platforms.

Currently Available Implementations

OS Platforms � Modcomp Max IV, Max32 / Windows� NT or later, OpenVMS� , Unix

PIMS Platforms � OSI PI, RTAP, Intellution FIX, AIM, Aspentech IP.21, UCPC, Wonderware InTouch, Prognost Systems, Foxboro I/A


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